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Chapter 1 When we met

First of all we need to get to know one another! At our cost we will take all the time necessary to get to know you, where you are now and where you would like to be.
Whether you would prefer to meet fact to face, over video, or chat on the phone, the most appropriate member of our team with the experience you need, will work with you so we can all understand what a great outcome looks like.

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Chapter 2 When we planned

It’s now over to us to put together a financial plan for your situation. Our plan will be jargon free and easy to understand. It will clearly re-cap what you want to achieve and explain our recommendations to get you there. This may include reviewing any existing contracts you have, so we will work with your current providers to gather any information required. We will cover costs and charges, features and benefits, and any risks or shortfalls your plan may highlight. Where appropriate we will implement Lifestyle Financial Planning, which is a superb visual tool forecasting your future financial situation and providing a great roadmap for us to track your progress periodically.
Your plan will ensure value is added, any recommendations are risk appropriate, costs are monitored and tax allowances are best utilised.

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Chapter 3 When we put your plan into action

With your agreement, we will put everything in place so that your plan can be achieved. We will take as much of the heavy-lifting from you as we can, managing the process with any existing providers you are currently working with and setting up any new products and policies required to achieve the financial outcomes as set out in your plan. With regular process updates, you can be assured we are doing all we can to implement your plan in the most efficient way, taking account of charges, risk and tax as we go.
We also provide all of our pension and investment clients with a free personalised Financial Portal, which can be accessed through our website, or via our app. This highly encrypted portal allows you to review your investments 24/7, communicate with the Next Chapter team and update your information at any time. There are some great additional features and benefits too, and one of the team will provide you with training so that you can get the most from your financial portal.

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Chapter 4 When we provided that extra security blanket

Now your financial situation has changed, it may be appropriate to update your Will and ensure that effective legacy planning is in place. You have a financial plan, but unfortunately there are a number of catastrophic issues which could stop your plan being achieved. Along with your solicitor or other professionals, we will work with you to make sure your assets are set up to go to the right people, in the right way at the right time. We will also discuss Powers of Attorney, helping you to improve your financial stability when faced with any eventuality.

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Chapter 5 When you became the author of your own future

Your plan is in place, but to make sure you stay on track we offer a range of review services. This will make sure your plan adapts to your changing circumstances, remains suitable for you, and allows you can take advantage of the annual tax allowances available.