Exit Strategies

Are you an adviser looking to retire or leave the profession and are worried about who will look after your clients once you leave?

We have a range of strategies for exit and succession planning, so why not speak to us today about how we can support you in exiting the profession, and ensuring your clients are well looked after post your retirement.
As a truly independent advice business with a wide range of propositions, we are able to provide advice to clients of all shapes and sizes, and believe everyone should have access to quality advice and guidance.
Whether you are looking to exit in the short term,
or your preference is a deferred buy-out strategy,
please complete the Contact Us form and someone will be in touch.

Some benefits of Next Chapter providing you with your exit strategy and succession plan:

  1. We are a truly independent advice firm with no vertical integration
  2. We offer a robust review process with Lifestyle Financial Planning
  3. You could join us as an RI, build your book and have a guaranteed exit
  4. We have a highly qualified team to nurture your client relationships
  5. We can offer a range of payment schedules allowing you to secure a great value on exit